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7 Excellent Shopify Success Stories That Will Motivate You

Almost every Shopify success stories includes opt-in email marketing.  Quality Email Marketing is proud to part of the success stories for many 1000's Shopify stores.

There are more than 4 million Shopify stores in the e-commerce world. Some of them have grown a lot and become industry-leading businesses.


Kith was established in 2011 and has grown a lot since that time. The brand offers men, women, and kids collections. With apparel, footwear, and accessories categories in its catalog, Kith offers its customers a wide range of products.


Besides being a regular clothing and lifestyle brand, Kith has a Kith Treats collection offering snacks and cereals. The company’s about page states that this idea came into being because of their childhood love for cereal.

Founder of the company Ronnie Fieg, who has a big reputation in the footwear industry, has more than 20 years of experience. By bringing this experience and childhood upbringing together, Fieg establishes Kith as his reflection.

The brand includes a community page on its website and stories about its product design process by mentioning the creators. This brand’s users of street style and cereal are the target audience, and by telling unique and well-structured stories, Kith proves its success in the market.

fashion nova.webp

Fashion Nova is among the most famous Shopify fashion brands with their style. It was founded in 2006 by Richard Saghian. It has been growing since then, with a steady increase in sales.

The company uses Shopify to manage its inventory, customer service, and shipping operations. Fashion Nova offers affordable clothing and accessories and states the price ranges in their sale categories.


Fashion Nova has a collaboration and affiliate program, which increases the brand’s visibility on social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.


The brand creates user-generated content on its social media, which can increase user engagement. Also, by creating content related to its target audience, the brand aims to reach the right audience through social media platforms.

Instead of using models to promote their products, Fashion Nova adds images of customers wearing their products. It makes the brand more accessible and shows how the products look to customers in real life.

Since it offers products for all shapes and sizes, including real people promoting products makes so much sense.

Its mission is to provide affordable products for women, men, curves, kids, and beauty collections. They also encourage customers to make a purchase by offering free shipping on all orders above $75.


Satya’s founder Patrice Mousseau explains the brand’s story on the about page of Satya. She states that the company’s establishment was because of her daughter’s eczema. Being affected by her daughter’s eczema diagnosis, Mousseau looks for nontoxic and organic skin products.

Then, she started experimenting with the first products and came up with a balm that cleaned her daughter’s eczema in two days. Having a fundamental motivation behind its establishment, Satya offers skincare products with simple ingredients for skin problems and keeps growing daily.


Satya’s story, which involves a concerned mother about her daughter’s skin issues, makes the brand more relatable and sincere. In addition, the brand doesn’t test on animals and uses sustainable materials while preparing the packaging of the products.

By targeting people with sensitive skin, Satya aims to solve a problem that upsets many people with a simple remedy that was first created in Mousseau’s kitchen.

Mousseau also gives importance to products’ packaging, which affects whether or not the target audience makes a purchase. The packaging design is not seen as an expense; instead, it is an investment for Satya.

The efforts given to packaging design are not underestimated, and its effects are proven in so many cases.


Gymshark is a fitness accessory and apparel company valued at more than £1 billion in 2020. Ben Francis was 19 years old when he established Gymshark in 2012. It starts as a classical establishment story, with a garage and only a sewing machine.

The brand has more than 900 employees across different regions. Also, it has more than 10 million followers on social media accounts and customers from over 230 countries.


Gymshark organizes fitness challenges, such as GYMSHARK66, which fits its target audience properly. Since people who work out buy their products and participate in fitness challenges, the brand’s visibility increases, and it becomes much easier to reach the target audience, including fitness lovers.

Also, these kinds of challenges increase user engagement and a sense of community. It can be said that Gymshark’s approach of being sincere and companionable is among the many reasons that brought success to the company.

Gymshark includes its core values on its website, which include:

“Be human, Put family first, Find the Gymshark way. Do the right thing.”

These core values reflect the company’s identity and the things they give importance to. Gymshark pinpoints its core values and culture among the most important elements of a brand’s success.


Colourpop is a Shopify store that has been wildly successful. It started as a small shop but has grown to become one of the most popular makeup brands in the world. The company was founded in 2014 by Laura Nelson and John Nelson, who saw a real need for affordable, high-quality makeup that other brands weren’t meeting.


Colourpop became so successful because it offers products at a reasonable price point—$5 or less! Although this might seem like a small amount, it is pretty high, considering that many competitors charge $20 or more for similar products.

Colourpop’s products are sold exclusively on their website and are available in over 14 countries. They have a diverse range of products, from liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes to blushes and highlighters.

In addition, their products are affordable, allowing customers of all income levels to buy them.

The brand is among the early adopters of influencer marketing as a marketing strategy. By sending influencers on social media their products, Colourpop promotes its collections to the right audience and properly reaches its target audience through influencers.


Allbirds is a New Zealand shoe company that has been growing each day in the footwear industry since 2014. Allbirds’ story began when Tim Brown and Zoey Zwillinger set off to create a pair of shoes made entirely out of wool, and they found success almost immediately.

By producing eco-friendly wool shoes with a minimal design, Allbirds offers sustainable and environmentally friendly products to its customers.


While stating the brand’s key features, Allbirds focuses on “simplicity in design, confidence in comfort and made from nature.” By emphasizing these three attributes, the brand sums up its identity and style quickly.

Allbirds explains the story behind the company properly on their about page by stating what makes them so unique and distinctive. The brand prioritizes the comfort of its products which is the most important thing to consider for customers while investing in a sustainable shoe.

What makes Allbirds so successful is the brand’s awareness of producing sustainable and stylish footwear. Along with it, they offer recycled packaging by using 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard. In addition, the brand is a B-Corp and regularly donates to environmental issues.


Tattly is among the most popular Shopify stores, and it sells temporary tattoos. It has been in business since 2011 and has grown to over 1 million customers and more than 1,000 employees. Tina Roth-Eisenburg, the founder of the company, built Tattly as a hobby in 2011, growing a lot as a temporary tattoo company.


Their success has been driven by the fact that they’ve found a niche that hasn’t been served well by other stores, which is custom temporary tattoos. Considering that their target audience wants wearable temporary tattoos, Tattly designed their products according to their audience properly.

The brand wanted to make sure its customers could choose from various designs and colors, so it created a custom-built online experience that allows customers to browse and purchase designs.

Tattly uses conversion-ready popups on its website to capture its visitors’ attention. In addition, the brand uses social media platforms properly by creating user-generated content and promoting its products by sharing pictures of real people using their tattoos.


Also, clear product images and people who are wearing their temporary tattoos are included on the website. Apart from these, artists who design custom tattoos are also included on the website.

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