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Customers Report An Avg. $5 to $1 R.O.I.
CBD/Cannabis/Hemp Email Lists 

  • 99.8% Accurate Permission Based Email Lists

  • Optional 7 Deployments From Our Servers 

  • List Delivered in Excel  (B2B, Local, CBD)


*4 Day Promotion*

Free 2nd Bonus Email List/Campaign of Equal Value

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*First Time Customers Only 

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Herbal Medicine

Need CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis Customers?

The Ultimate Solution for CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis Sellers!


Struggling to promote CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis products due to advertising restrictions on Google and Social Media platforms?


Look no further! Our permission-based Lead Generator offers an exceptional 5 to 1 Return on Investment (R.O.I) on average.

Choose from packages of 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, or 80,000 emails tailored to CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis users.

These are not just leads – they are actual customers interested in your products.

Experience high-quality, converting email leads from our extensive database of over 77 million USA contacts and 87 million worldwide, all who have given us explicit permission to send your offers. Say goodbye to spam issues!

Our database is built from A.I. Sourcing and networking developed over the past 5 years, ensuring over 99.8% accuracy. Check this Link for more details on our company and data sources.

Receive the list in Excel format with the option for 7 deployments from our servers to target the same customer 7 times for maximum results.

Additionally, opt for a professional HTML ad design for just $199. Get started on maximizing your CBD, Hemp, or Cannabis sales today!"


Below are the USA counts. We also have large counts is UK, Australia, Canada and other countries

All CBD Users- 31 Million

Male CBD Users- 18 Million

Female CBD Users - 13 Million

CBD Users age 18-30 -15 Million

CBD Users age 31-50 - 13 Million

CBD Users age 50+ - 3 Million

All Cannabis Users- 26 Million

Male Cannabis Users- 15 Million

Female Cannabis Users - 11 Million

Cannabis Users age 18-30 -12 Million

Cannabis Users age 31-50 - 10 Million

Cannabis Users age 50+ - 4 Million

All Hemp Users- 20 Million

Male Hemp Users- 12 Million

Female Hemp Users - 8 Million

Hemp Users age 18-30 -10 Million

Hemp Users age 31-50 - 5 Million

Hemp Users age 50+ - 5 Million

Soap Store Owner
Candle Store Owner

What Makes Us Different Than All Other Advertising Agencies?

Our A.I. Search results are from combing websites, social media, online databases, credit card surveys, chats, and other publicly available databases such as utilities for matching business and consumer email addresses.  This results in over a 99.8% accuracy rate. 


We conduct searches every week to keep our results perfectly up to date. Once we do have the contact information we reach out to the person to confirm they would like to be on our lists in accordance with USA and Canadian Anti Spam Laws.

Direct Wholesale Ordering for Impactful Email Marketing

With a legacy of wholesaling to major email list vendors since 2001 and serving the public directly since 2023, we offer:

Valid Inbox Landings:

Ensuring your message reaches valid email addresses effectively.

Volume Matters:

Our packages range from 50,000 to 2.5 million, standing out from providers offering only a few thousand. Successful campaigns require significant volume due to fierce advertising competition, adhering to the 'Law of Averages.'

Repetition for Success:

While other providers send campaigns once, we send it 7 times to the recipient, potentially tripling your conversion rate in line with the 'Marketing Rule of 7.'

Open Rate and Click Rate Guarantees:

If we fall short of our guarantees, we proactively send out more email ads.

Click Tracking: Monitor views and traffic from each ad campaign through a free third-party analytic tracking service.

Professional Ad Copy Writing:

Our professional copywriters can write and set up the campaign at no extra charge. Alternatively, leverage our ad design team for HTML ad creation.

New to Email Marketing? Full Setup & Help!:

Our friendly campaign managers are ready to guide you through the setup process. Simply provide the link you want to advertise.

Anti-Bot System Technology:

Our machine learning algorithms detect and filter out bots, ensuring accurate click totals by excluding bot interactions.

Choose Your Package Size

$199 (List Only)
$249 (List + 7 Deployments)
$299 (List Only)
$349 (List + 7 Deployments)
$399 (List Only)
$449 (List + 7 Deployments)
$499 (List Only)
$549 (List + 7 Deployments)
$599 (List Only)
$649 (List + 7 Deployments)

Recent Google Reviews


Thank you for an eye-catching ad! I already have 129 new orders for my gummies. Highly recommended Quality Exact Data!

4 stars_edited.png

All promises kept!
I appreciated the quick, efficient completion of my order. All promises were kept. Thank you for the quality customer service


Fabulous service! Have used Quality Exact Data a couple of times and always get excellent outcomes. I'd recommend this service.

4 stars_edited.png

Prompt response, nicely done. Very quick response to my ad writing request. Recommend Quality Exact Data!

Opt in Marketing


"A renewed classic"
Overall: If you are a small business owner, an email marketing solution is one of the first tools you need to use in your e-commerce section. If you look on Google, you will find Quality Exact Data and others fighting for first place on the search. I tried all of them when I started on this, and Quality Exact Data was the only one for me that delivered a great set of tools for free on their first tier. This pricing model allows small businesses like yours to start without having to invest more money to begin operating. Then, after your business grows, Quality Exact Data stays with you, and their price plan tiers are affordable. So, if you are starting on email marketing and you have a small business, give Quality Exact Data a try, you won't regret it.

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