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500 Targeted Leads To Your Affiliate Link/ Website

(min. 20,000 email campaign sent to achieve min. 500 leads)

  • Free Real Time Tracking

  • Optional Professional Ad Design

Not ready with your final details? 

Simply enter your email address in field 1 and skip the rest, submit & pay. (you can send details later)

3. Choose one or more that best fit your target audience (if needed)

7.  Text Ad Copy or Leave Blank for A.I. Generated Text Ad Copy 

(If HTML please send ad copy to

8. Hiring Quality Ads to Design a HTML? $199 (usally increaes sales by 200%+)
9. Days would you like your leads spread over?

Campaign will start within 5 business days & tracking details will be sent to you the day before. If you are hiring us to create an html ad copy the designers will contact you within 24 hours.

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