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Solo Ads/Email Marketing
Designed For Affiliate Marketers

*also works perfectly for any nationwide product/service

4 Day Promo
Free Bonus 50% More


  • Full Service Easy 5 Minute Set Up

  • Only Need Your Affiliate Link or Website

  • Only Pay For Potential Buyers That Come To Your Site

  • Over 250 Million Buyers In Our Database (Choose from USA or Canada)

  • Space Your Activity As Needed

  • Average Of $5 Return On Every $1 Spent With US

Trusted By Major Affiliate Programs & Small Businesses
We Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. The More Sales You Receive The More Business You Do With Us.
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How It Works
  • Choose Your Package Size

  • Fill out the  Order form 

    Your Email Address
    Your Affiliate Link
    Your Target (or Selected By Our A.I. )
    AD Creative (or Written By Our A.I.)
    Number Of Days To Spread Out The Campaign

    Our A.I. will scan your affiliate link/website and match  buyers interested in your product from our 250+ million email records or manually enter your target and our A.I. will match your criteria

    Supply subject line & ad creative or A.I. can write both.


500 Guaranteed  Real Potential Buyers To Your Site - $99

2000 Guaranteed  Real Potential Buyers To Your Site - $199

5,000 Guaranteed  Real Potential Buyers To Your Site - $299

10,000 Guaranteed  Real Potential Buyers To Your Site - $399

25,000 Guaranteed  Real Potential Buyers To Your Site - $599

*All Leads Generated From Opt In Email Campaigns

We Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction. The More Sales You Receive The More Business You Do With Us.

Introducing an Idea
What Makes Us Different Than All Other Affiliate Agencies?

100% A.I. Sourced

Quality Exact Data takes the guess work out of promoting your affiliate business. With 20 years plus of experience we know what works and what does not.

The six main strategies for affiliate promoting are Blogs, Social Media Posts, PayPerClick, YouTube/TikTok, Podcasts and Email Marketing.

We only use the most effective form of advertising for affiliate sites which is email marketing. Email marketing has the best return on investment.

We obtained our email addresses using A.I. Search results from combing websites, social media, online databases, credit card surveys, chats, and other publicly available databases such as utilities for matching business and consumer email addresses.  This results in over a 99.8% accuracy rate.  We conduct searches every week to keep our results perfectly up to date. Once we do have the contact information we reach out to the person to confirm they would like to be on our lists in accordance with USA and Canadian Anti Spam Laws.

We use our generated confirmed opt in email leads and match it to the demographics of your product or service. We conduct an email campaign until we reach the correct number of buyers to your site. We include 3rd party tracking so you can confirm the activity.

Our full service email marketing service is designed to take out the guess work and deliver results at a low cost.

Main Strategies

The main strategies for promoting your affiliate links listed from lease effective to most effective.

Blog/Social Media Posts
Pros* Free

Cons* Limited Audience, Time Consuming



Pros*  Low Operating Cost

Cons* Limited Audience, Time Consuming



Pros*  Video can go viral, Inexpensive 

Cons* Limited Audience, Time Consuming


PayPerClick Google/Social Media

Pros*  Nearly Unlimited Reach 

Cons* Expensive, Time Consuming

Traditional Email Marketing

Pros*  Nearly Unlimited Reach, Best R.O.I.

Cons* Expensive, Time Consuming

Exact Data

Quality Email Data

5114 Balcones Woods Dr Ste. 307

Austin, TX 78759

Bowen Holmes


Thank you for an eye-catching ad! I have already received a few leads since the campaign went out. Highly recommended Quality Email Data!

Karen Carlson

4 stars_edited.png

All promises kept!
I appreciated the quick, efficient completion of my order. All promises were kept. Thank you for the quality customer service

Frances Smith


Fabulous service! Have used Quality Email Data a couple of times and always get excellent outcomes. I'd recommend this service.

Phillip Jordan

4 stars_edited.png

Prompt response, nicely done. Very quick response to my ad writing request. Recommend Quality Email Data!

Opt in Marketing


"A renewed classic"
Overall: If you are a small business owner, an email marketing solution is one of the first tools you need to use in your e-commerce section. If you look on Google, you will find Quality Email Data and others fighting for first place on the search. I tried all of them when I started on this, and Quality Email Data was the only one for me that delivered a great set of tools for free on their first tier. This pricing model allows small businesses like yours to start without having to invest more money to begin operating. Then, after your business grows, Quality Email Data stays with you, and their price plan tiers are affordable. So, if you are starting on email marketing and you have a small business, give Quality Email Data a try, you won't regret it.

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